Instant personal Loan 2 Lakh No income Proof

 Hello Guys Hello friends, I have brought a very best loan company for all of you who will provide you instant loan here.

If you guys are thinking to take loan

 So today you guys have come to the right place

 See, here I will tell you everything about this company in detail.

 How can you give loan to any company

 If you want to start some business of yours, then you can take full loan up to 200000 from here.

 And friends, the amount of 200000 is not a small amount, you can start your business with this money.

 Friends, there is an atmosphere of happiness in your house and you do not have money.

 So you guys can double your happiness by taking loan from here

 And if you guys go to apply for loan in bank

 So everyday you are asked for many documents over there.

 common man can't do

 Because if someone has agriculture, if someone does not have agriculture, then the bank makes farming paper and asks for testimony together.

 And not everyone has it

 But everything is not ahead but you do the job

 And you get salary till 20000 of 15 years

 So you guys can take loan online

Online loan friends nowadays it has become very easy to take loan

 In today's post, I am going to tell you all about how a company will provide a loan, but for this, you have to red this post till the end.

 I will tell you about all these things in what documents the company will come to you

 If you read this post of ours till the end then you will understand everything in detail and then when you people apply for loan then you will not have any problem while applying loan.

 If you people do not complete the post and apply for the loan, then you may have a problem, then I would say that first you guys read our post completely, then go and apply because I am here to give you all the advice.  I am going to tell you in detail how you should apply for your loan and how to get loan against yourself.

 Creditbee loan company gives loan from 1000 to 200000

 And the time given to you will be given to you from 62 days to 1 year.

 And a company does not ask you any income proof

How will you get loan from this company with only one aadhar card and pan card

 This loan company does not ask for any bank statement nor any salary slip from you, only aadhar card and pan card

So let us now talk about which documents you are going to get the loan from here.

 1.  You must have aadhar card to apply for loan from here

 If you do not have aadhar card then you must have voter id card

 2 .  And you should have a PAN card, to apply for a loan from here, if you do not have a PAN card, then first you guys get your PAN card made, then go and apply from here.

 3.  And you must have a mobile number

 And that mobile number should be linked with Aadhar card

 4.  And you must have a bank account

 If you do not have a bank account, then first you open a bank account and then apply for the loan.

 Because when you like the loan, you will have to give your bank account number to them in which you will get the loan money.

 5.  And your CIBIL score should be 700 to apply for loan from here

 Because friends, this company does not ask you for any income proof, but it does ask for civil proof.

 CIBIL score is posted so friends, if you have taken a loan somewhere before, you have repaid their money on time, then your civil will be good if you have taken loan and did not return their money on time then they will not give you loan because your CIBIL  The score will tell where your loan is pending

 So that's why this company asks you for your civil rights.

 And if you have returned the money of all loan companies on time, whether it is banks or online loan, then it is generated everywhere at night if you return the money on time, if you do not return the money on time.  your civil seems to be down

 And if your civil is down then you know very little about getting a loan from here.

 If your CIBIL score is low then first you guys increase your civil score to 700 plus after that you can apply here

 Without CIBIL Score that if you apply then your loan may get rejected here

eligibility criteria

 1.  Must be Indian Citizen

 To apply for loan from here

 And if you people are not Indian, then first you people get citizenship of India, to apply for a loan from a company, you have to pay full 200000.

 2. Your starting age should be from 20 years to 56 years

 To apply for loan from here

 And if you are also less than this then you people cannot apply for loan from here or if it comes more then you cannot apply for loan from here.

 3 What is there to apply for a loan from this company, you are sitting at any place in India, you will be able to apply for a loan from your mobile phone in a very easy way

 And I have told it above in the post that without income proof loan is available here

 But if you guys provide 3 months bank statement here to which company, then you get a big amount here.

 But for this you must be working in some company.

 And working in the same company should be about 5 years present time

 And if you get salary slip there then your loan will be icing on the gold within 1 day you will be received in your bank account.

Personal Loan for Salaried (Example)

Loan amount: ₹ 50,000

Tenure: 12 months

Interest Rate: 20% per annum

Processing Fee: ₹ 1,250 (2.5%)

New customer onboarding Fee: ₹ 200

GST on Processing and Onboarding Fees: ₹ 261

Total Interest: ₹ 5,581

EMI: ₹ 4,632

APR: 23.2%

Loan amount is ₹ 50,000. Disbursed amount is ₹ 48,289.

Total loan repayment amount is ₹ 55,581.

Flexi Personal Loan (Example)

Loan amount: ₹10,000

Tenure: 3 months

Interest Rate: 27% per annum

Processing Fee: ₹ 500 (5%)

GST on Processing Fees: ₹ 90

Total Interest: ₹ 453

EMI: ₹ 3,484

APR: 47%

Loan amount is ₹ 10,000. Disbursed amount is ₹ 9,410.

Total loan repayment amount is ₹ 10,453.

So friends, if you get a loan from here, then do comment or mail me once.

 If you have got some benefit from the information given by us, then you must share this post of ours on your friends.

 Now I will talk about where you guys have to go to apply for the loan.

 To apply for loan, you have to write in google kiredtbee also loan company

 And by clicking on the website you get at the top, you will have to proceed.

 Or you can download this app by clicking on the link given below

 After download you need to sign up with your mobile number

 And you have to sign up with the same number which is linked with your Aadhar card.

 After creating the account, you will have to enter your basic information

 After that you have to upload your documents

 like aadhar card and pan card and a selfie of you

App link 👉Click for download

 So friends, just now we meet you in the next post till then devotees Jai Hind Vande Mataram

 take care of yourself and your kids

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