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 hello brother hello friends

 Friends, once again I will welcome all of you in my new post.

 Friends, today I have brought loan company, see here you will get instant loan within 1 day

 If you people are wandering here and there for loan, you are not able to get loan, then today you have hit the right place.

 If you have come to my post then you will definitely get loan from this company which I am going to tell you all in the company.

 You guys are going round the bank, if you are not able to get a loan, then do not be afraid, today I am going to tell you in such a company that will give loan immediately.

 But for this you have to read this post of ours till the end.

 To read till the end, I am saying this because I will explain everything in detail in this post that how you will get a company loan.

 Dekh brothers, if you are going to apply for a loan in the bank or are thinking to go, then I will not stop you but I will force you that once you must try online to apply for loan.

 You have made up your mind that we will apply by going to the bank, let me guide you one thing for the loan, you should have a sack of documents to apply for the loan in the bank

 Because to apply for a loan in the bank, you can ask for your house papers or you can consider your land for farming.

 Or if you have some business then you have to submit documents for that and after all these things you also need a witness.

 Suppose you have provided all the documents there but still it takes you at least 2 months.

 It was a matter of taking a loan in an offline bank, now we talk about how you will get a loan online

 Dekh brothers online loan is available in a very simple way, there is no hassle of anything, neither the paper of the house nor the paper of the farmer, only what is an aadhar card and pan card if you do a job then 3 months bank statement

 And you will know within 1 day whether my loan is approved or rejected.

 So now you will tell me whether offline loan will be right or online

 You come, in this post I tell you how to give you online loan

You can start any business by taking loan from here.

 Or if any of your business has stopped due to running money, then you can start your business again by taking loan from here.

 Or friends, some problem has come in your house and you do not have money.

 So you guys can easily apply loan from here and you get money in your bank account within 1 day.

 Friends, here the company provides two types of loans, whose name is True Balance.

 True Balance Company All India Main Works Even if you are in small village of India, you can apply loan from there sitting at home from your mobile phone

 The two types of loans that go here, we will talk about it further.

Now let's talk about the document, what documents you will have to give here.

 The two types of loans that are available here, friends, one of them is a loan, level loan, no income proof was asking you to take a level loan.

 There only one aadhar card and pan card

 Apart from this, no bank statement nor any salary slip from you.

 Only your mobile number should be linked with Aadhar card

 Level loan up to 40000 is available here

 Level loan is given to you for 62 days at startup

 And if your limit is 10000 ₹ 5000 then you will get loan for 62 days only

 And if your limit is 15 to 20,000 then you are given at least 6 months

 So friends you know that level loan is given to you without income proof here.

 income proof loan

 Friends, the income proof loan is given to you there up to 50000.

 If you get a small limit here, then you will be given only 62 days to make the loan repayment.

 And if your limit increases then you will get at least 12 months here.

 To take an income proof loan, you must have at least ₹ 15000 income in a month

 And you must be working in some company

 And your income should be ₹ 15000 in every month

 And you have to do net banking inside this app ₹ 15000 you have to show your salary for 3 months continuously

 If you have shown 3 months income proof here then you will get higher amount

 And also you will be given at least 6 months time to make loan repayment

 And your civil score should be at least 700 plus


 You must have aadhar card

 To apply for loan or voter id card

 And PAN card is very important to take loan

 If you do not have a PAN card, then you cannot apply for a loan, first you guys please get your PAN card made, then go and apply for the loan.

 and a photo

 and a mobile number

 should be

 and a bank account

 This is all you need to do if you take out a label loan

 If you want to take income proof loan

 So you should have bank statement of 3 months

For example:

For ₹10,000 borrowed for 90 days, with

 interest rate @5% per month*, a user would pay:

-> Processing fee (@ 3%) = ₹3,00 + GST (18%) 54= ₹354

-> Interest* = ₹1,500

-> EMI = ₹ 3,833

Total amount to be repaid = ₹11,854/-

 including Processing fee +GST

So friends, in this post, I have told you everything in detail that how much this company gives loans and for how long it is afraid and what documents will you ask for here.

 Still if you have doubt then you guys can comment or mail me

 To apply for the loan, you have to download the app by clicking on the link given below

 After downloading you have to sign up on your mobile number

 After that friends will depend on you which loan you have to take here level loan or you have to take income proof loan which you will have to provide income proof for 3 months and you will not have to give any income proof to take level loan

App link 👉App link

 Friends, now we will meet you in the next post Jai Hind and Vande Mataram

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