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Friends, today I have brought such a company for all of you, which will give you a loan of up to 25,000, if friends, if you want a loan from the company, then you have to read the post completely, then this company can give you a loan sitting at home.

You do not even need to go anywhere to take a loan from this company, you can do this work sitting at your home, even from your mobile phone.

Friends, the name of the company is Insta Money, this company is going to give you a loan of up to 25000, so go after reading the post completely.

Friends, if you want to start any work or FIR want to start a business or FIR want to pay your school fees or FIR you are very much in need of money and no one is helping you then no one is helping must try

How this company will give you a loan and what you have to do for it, then you have to read the post completely to know all this, in the post how can we take loan from the app, everything is told inside the post.

Go after reading the post completely

Friends, if you apply loan from the app, then if you make any mistake then the company will not give you the loan and your loan will be rejected, so we have told you everything that how you can apply for loan from the company.



Friends, you must be an Indian citizen, if you are not an Indian citizen, then you have to take a citizen of India, only then you can apply for a loan from the company.


Your age should be 21 to 45 years if your age is less than 21 or fir is more than 45 years still you cannot apply for loan from company


Friends, your monthly income should be minimum 12000, if your income is less than S then you cannot apply for the loan.


Friends, if your salary comes in your bank account, then you can apply for loan from the company.


Friends should be a salaried person to take loan from the company then this company will give you loan


Do you need 4 documents to take loan from the company

number 1

You must have aadhar card for address proof if you do not have aadhar card then you have to make aadhar card


Friends, you must have a PAN card, if you do not have a PAN card, then you cannot take a loan from any other company because PAN card is necessary to take a loan.


Friends, you must have a bank statement, if you do not have a bank statement, then you will have to get a bank statement from the bank, after that you can apply for a loan from the app.


Friendship should be your selfie



Friends, first of all you have to search on play store instamoney its bad you have to download the app you have to sign up to download


Its bad you will have to upload your basic information in the app


10 minutes after you upload your basic information, your verification will be done, sometimes it may take time.


When your documents are verified, your money will be transferred to your bank account, now money can be withdrawn from the bank.


A customer makes a person of 10,000 at an interest of 24% p.a., where the lien rites charge for a period of 5 months is 499, will have to pay 11,000 in 5 months. His monthly EMI would be ₹ 2,200.

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When you comment we will reply you as soon as possible and will try and solve your problem

That's all for today, till then in another post Jai Hind

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