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hello friends hello

 I will welcome you all in one of my new posts

 Friends, today's post is going to provide loan up to 50000 to all of you here.

  In this post I will tell you everything in detail that how you will get 50000 loan from here.

  You guys are looking for a loan, you did not get a loan from anywhere, so in today's post I will tell you a company that provides you an instant loan.

  But friends, for this you have to read this post of ours till the end.

 A Company Friends A RBI Approved

 If you want to take loan online then today you will get instant loan through this company.

 What documents will be asked from you in this company, I will explain everything in this post, but for this you will have to read our post carefully.

Friends, now we will talk about the document that what documents you will have to give here.

  number 1

 You must have a passport to apply for a loan from such a company

 If you don't have passport then you must have driving license

 Friends, if you do not even have a driving license, then what can you do after this, friends, I will come to your friend, you will have a voter ID card, if you do not even have a voter ID card, then what will you do?

 don't be afraid everyone has aadhar card

 Even if you have Aadhar card, your work will be done here.

 Let's talk about number 2

 You must have a PAN card to apply for a loan.

 Friends, without a PAN card, the bank does not even give you a loan, it is online friends.

 If you do not have a PAN card, then you have to get your PAN card changed immediately.

 And after the creation of PAN card, you can apply loan instantly from here.

  Now we do after number 3

  You must have a mobile number in number 3

 If you do not have a mobile number then you will not be afraid.

 You have to get a mobile number

You need to have a bank account in which you will take loan money to people

 And friends you will take a selfie

 And your CIBIL score should be at least 700 plus

 eligibility criteria

 You must be an Indian Citizen to apply for a loan from here

 And if you are not Indian, still you want to take loan then you have to get citizenship of India.

 After that you can apply for loan from here

 And friends, it should be from 20 years to 60 years.

 If your age is less than 20 years then you can not apply loan.

 most important thing

 You must be working in some or the other company and the company you are working in the present time, the experience of the company should be at least 5 years.

 And your salary should come in bank account

 When you people apply for the loan, then you will have to select the bank statement of 3 months to the company, at least your salary should be from 15 to 20000.

For example: 

If the loan amount is ₹20,000, the interest rate is 36% per year,

 and the term is 180 days, after deducting the handling fee, the interest payable is as follows:

Interest = ₹ 20,000 * 36% / 365 * 180 = ₹ 3,550.68

The total repayment amount=₹20,000+₹ 3,550.68=₹23,550.68

To apply friends loan, you have to go inside the play store and download the app, your name is friends loan front

 After downloading the loanfront app, you will have to create the account from the mobile number, after creating the account, you will have to enter your basic information and upload your documents, then submit the application.  After paying the tax, you will have to wait for a few hours, after that your loan amount will be approved and your money will be received in the bank account at the time of applying the loan.

 Friends, if you liked our post, then definitely send our post to your friends.

 We see you in next post Jai Hindustan Bande Mataram


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