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Friend, today I have brought a company or no company is going to happen because the name of the company is salary friend, it is going to give you a loan of up to 1,50,000 lakhs and you do not need to go anywhere to take a loan from the company. You can take a loan from the company from your phone just sitting at home

If you want to take loan up to 1,50,000 lac from salary friend company then you have to complete the post Your loan will be rejected, so go through the post completely

Friends, if you are not able to get anywhere, then this salary friend company is going to be very useful for you because it will not only win you the loan but also your trust, we have made this post so that you can also get the loan to help the post to your friends. Share it with you even if it helps

Friends if you are about to start any work or fir you have to pay your school fees or firs there is any insurance in your family and need your money and no one is helping you then company can solve the problem because This company is going to give you loan up to 1,50,000 lakhs

eligibility criteria


Friends, you must first be an Indian citizen to take loan from the company because if you are not an Indian citizen then you have to be an Indian citizen to take loan from the company.


You must be more than 18 years if you are less than 18 years then you cannot apply for loan from the company


Your new home country should be 12000 per month, then you or the company will provide loan.


Can you apply for loan from the company Delhi Mumbai Chennai Pune Hyderabad Kolkata Secunderabad Noida Ghaziabad Ahmedabad Chandigarh Bhubaneswar Rajasthan Uttar Pradesh


To take a loan from Salary Dost, you have to submit the above mentioned documents


Friends, it is necessary to have a PAN card, if you do not have a PAN card, then you will have to make a PAN card because if your PAN card is not made then you or the company will not give the loan.


Friends and you should have aadhar card if you do not have aadhar card then you have to make aadhar card and you can apply loan if you have aadhar card


You should have all the statement of the office salary that comes in your account, if you do not have the statement, then you can get the statement out of the bank and submit it, otherwise you can apply for the loan.



Friends first of all you have to download pay friend app its bad you have to login with your phone number


bad friend of is app me login you have to upload 3 documents pan card aadhar card bank statement and upload a selfie bad submit


When you will submit in Pay Dost app your bad documents will be checked when your documents will be verified its bad your amount will be transferred to your bank account


 loan amount :-  ₹10,000,

Annual interest rate :-  10%,
Service fee :-  2% 

Loan period :-  180 days (3 months)

Repayment interest :-  ₹493.16(Calculation formula:₹10,000 * 10% / 365 * 180=493.16)

Service charge :-  ₹200(Calculation formula:₹10,000*2%=₹200)

Total repayment amount :- 

 ₹5746.58(Calculation formula:₹10,000+₹493.16+₹200=₹10,693.16)

Monthly repayment :-  Repayment in 3 installments, the monthly Repayment amount :-  ₹3,564.38 

(Calculation formula:₹10,693.16/3=₹3,564.38)

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